Stichting CHIP For the professionel registration of your pet.
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Welcome to the website of Stichting CHIP, the oldest foundation for microchipped pets in the Netherlands. Please register your pet with us, either based on its michrochip ID or its tattoo. Registration with CHIP will help you be reunited sooner and safer!
We perform the registrations of Stichting CHIP, VETAIR, SRGN and RCA. If you have any questions, please send us an email at


Your pet is missing

If your pet is registered in our database, please notify us of its disappearance. Send us an email ( about it including the microchip ID, the description of the animal and your contact details.

You have found a pet

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For found pets with a microchip ID, please fill in the box above. For tattooed pets always conctact us by mail or telephone +31(0)40-2869492.


A particularly warm welcome to the clients of the RCA-database !